Cumin Seeds

The Shri Shyam which is one of the best suppliers of Cumin Seeds from India has brought you the very aromatic and authentic cumin seeds. These cumin seeds have been extracted from the extremely organic parsley plants and then dried meticulously to emerge the aroma it emanates. Our cumin seeds are very much loved by everyone who tastes them.

Cumin seeds that we supply are transported to different parts of India as well as the middle east.
For the past few decades, Shri Shyma has become one of the India’s top suppliers and most-renowned brands when it came to delivering top-quality cumin seeds.

What makes Shri Shayam cumin seeds worth buying is the aroma they envelop.

The size is actually the perfect of all others.

The deliciousness our cumin seeds add to your food is just perfect.

You can use these not only in Indian Cuisine but also in foreign cuisine too.

Due to its various kinds of uses, especially the one in tadka, it is being loved from the middle east to all the way to India. The cumin seeds are found in very small fruits from a flowering plant related to the parsley family. The cumin seeds are very good for health and are used for their various health benefits.

Some Facts to Know About Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds are known to promote the digestion process.

They contain a good amount of iron.

They have healing benefits and hence good for kids and adults.

Doctors suggest cumin seeds to diabetic patients.

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