Roasted Chickpeas

The Shri Shyam is one of the most renowned wholesalers of roasted Chickpeas in India. Our customers who cross the mark of over 2 million all over the nation know us due to the quality and the flavor of the roasted chickpeas we deliver. They contain the right amount of mouthwatering spices and the main ingredient.

The roasted chickpeas we deliver is supplied to different parts of India as well the world.
From the past few years, the name of Shri Shyam has always come to the top whenever it came to Roasted Chickpeas

Our flavor, the taste, and even the look of roasted chickpeas entice you to eat.

Every single roasted chickpea is of perfect size and delicious.

You can eat them directly or you can add them to the salad.

One of the best snacks for Indians to eat and devour on.

The chickpeas came from a yearly crop of Fabaceae. In some parts of the world as well as in India, they are known as gram or Egyptian pea. However, it is just perfect for people of all ages and taste choices, it is particularly popular in bodybuilders and health-conscious people due to its high content of protein.

Some Facts to Know About Roasted Chickpea

Chickpeas are good for bone health.

Blood pressure users can take benefit from eating chickpeas.

Good for heart health.

Doctors suggest that chickpeas are good in Vitamin B.

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