Red Chilli

The Shri Shyam red chili powder is made from very high quality raw red chilis after drying them up in the hot sun for many days. The process we follow to procure chili powder is very old and verified. On top of that, the process follows our family’s secret recipe that helps keep most of the flavors and nutrients remain in the power.

Indian red chili powder is very popular in other countries as well.By working tirelessly for years and delivering the best quality of ingredients, Shri Shayam has become the biggest and most trusted red chili seeds wholesale supplier in India.

The best thing about Shri Shayam red chili powder is good in taste and flavor.

And, it presents a very nice taste, spiciness, and aroma.

This powder is made from fresh red chilies brought directly from farms.

Even a pinch of this chili powder can enhance the food’s taste by heaps.

Red chili powder is a bit spicy in flavor but that’s exactly what makes it a favorite of Indian people. It contains a good amount of Vitamin C and known to reduce the risk of skin and stomach diseases. Additionally, it is very good for sinus and cold problems.

Some Facts to Know About Chilies:

The high amount of Vitamin C is bad for Indigestion Patients

Chili powder should not be eaten directly.

In the case of indigestion drink milk or yogurt.

Keep it away from your eyes.

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